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The CEN Study Guide/Review Manual covers all the major topic areas based on the most recent (2011) BCEN Blueprint for the CEN Exam.  It includes a comprehensive, systems based review model, and a complete 150 question sample "CEN-like" practice exam, complete with full rationales and explanations. (This exam alone retails for $75 from the ENA.) The practice exam is most useful as a self-assessment tool.

Other special sections included in this edition are:

(1) "CEN HOT Words": These are words/terms which are used and show up during the CEN exam frequently.

(2) "CEN Exam-Like Questions": This is a special section dedicated to those specific topics which appear on the exam frequently. These are a MUST-KNOW for the successful CEN Test Taker.

(3) A comprehensive index is included in this edition. Having an index makes it easy and simple to look up key terms and topics and to locate quickly in the text for rapid review.

What makes this book unique and one-of-a-kind?
     It's the only CEN review manual authored and published by a FULL-TIME clinician, seeing patients daily, at the bedside. Many other courses and books are written by people who have moved away from the bedside and sometimes by people who don't even provide bedside patient care any more!

Printed: 286 pages, 8.5" x 11", perfect binding, white interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink.

Year of publication: 2009

(Updated 2011)

ISBN: 978-0-557-11929-5

Authored by: Mark Boswell, MSN, APRN, CEN, CFRN, CTRN, CPEN, NREMT-P, EMT-T

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Newest Edition, November 2011!

The fourth edition of the ENA CEN Review Manual contains valuable tools to enhance your preparation for the CEN® examination. Five chapters in the book contain a simulated test consisting of 150 questions.

     In addition, access to two computerized web-based tests of 175 questions each are provided. This feature will allow the learner to practice taking the CEN exam in the same environment as the actual CEN exam. The learner will be provided with a rationale and a reference for the questions missed on the web-based exam. This edition has been carefully constructed to contain the same proportion of items in each content category as the CEN examination. Your score will clearly indicate any subject area in which you would benefit with further study whether the learner utilizes the book exams or the web-based exams.

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Publication Date: 2011-11-01

Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Pub Co
Additional Details: Edition Number 4

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